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A public platform for image-based identification and population monitoring of ticks in Canada

How can I submit a tick picture for identification?

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12363  Submissions for 2023 season

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How can I recognize a tick?

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How can I remove a tick?

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How can I protect myself?

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How can I see tick records?

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Photographic guide

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How can I participate?

The electronic submission process takes less than 3 minutes by tick.

Create an account (first visit only) by clicking on “Sign up” in the top right corner of the home page.

Ensure that your tick is really a tick (consult “How can I recognize a tick” on the homepage).

Take a few pictures of the tick (consult the photographic guide on the homepage).

Enter your tick information and upload your pictures by clicking on “Submit Ticks” in the top menu.

Keep your tick for a period of at least 5 days following submission in case we need additional photos to complete the identification.

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About eTick

The emergence of Lyme disease and the rapid geographical range expansion of certain tick species in Canada are important issues for public health authorities and the public in general. Following tick populations on such a large territory is also expensive and logistically challenging.

The citizen science project eTick.ca therefore invites the public to participate in the monitoring of ticks in Canada by submitting tick photos on eTick.ca for identification by a professional. The identification results, combined with other data such as collection date and locality can then be consulted and mapped so that all users may visualize the information related to any/all species for any given year and/or geographical area.

Access to eTick.ca is free and it is not necessary to contribute data in order to consult the database.

The eTick application

Download the new eTick application for free. The submission of tick pictures and location data can now be made directly from your phone or tablet, while still giving you access to most features currently present on our website. Try it out!

Interactive map

All tick records submitted by eTick users automatically appear in real time on an interactive map. On this map you can examine the pictures and submission details from a specific record or consult a set of records by filtering submissions by geographical area, tick species, date, or host type.

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